Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bessemer Plans to Open New Landfill, Old One Closes

The Birmingham News
Anita Debro

Bessemer officials have resumed talks to open a new landfill for yard and construction waste.

Talk of closing the city's trash depository, Concord Landfill, and open a new one in the Raimund community began nearly two years ago as Concord Landfill neared its capacity.

Concord Landfill is now at capacity, said Bessemer public works Director James Eades.

"We need to do this as quick as we can," Eades said of the relocation.

Eades told the City Council last week that the city will be able to deposit trash at Concord Landfill for only another two months. The landfill holds only trash - tree and limb brush, construction debris and other nonhazardous debris. It is not for household garbage.

Bessemer officials plan to relocate trash to a 20-acre site off Raimund Muscoda Road. The land is already permitted for a landfill.

City Engineer Ron Gilbert said in order for the new landfill to open, the city must construct a new road to the site. Eades said the city will also need to purchase new equipment and possibly hire skilled laborers to work at the landfill.

Eades and Gilbert estimated it will cost about $793,000 to open the landfill. The men said the city should get about 20 years of use out of the new landfill.

City Council members suggested last week informing the residents in the area of the city's plans to relocate the landfill.

Officials said a town hall meeting to discuss the relocation will be planned for residents living near the site.

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