Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fairfield City Cuncil Moves to Resolve Civic Center Authority

The Birmingham News

The Fairfield City Council voted Monday to have the city attorney request that the state Legislature move on resolving the city's Civic Center Authority. The 3-2 vote follows a 2007 resolution in which the council voted in favor of dissolving the authority, which oversees the Fairfield Civic Center. Legislative action is required to dissolve the authority.
Councilman Rev. F.D. Scott said the city is paying the cost of lawsuits filed against the Civic Center but has no control over the Civic Center Authority, of which he is a former member.
Joining Scott in voting "yes" were Vincent Smith and Ves Marable. Voting against the move were Council President Eldridge O. Turner and Councilman Jerry Yarbrough, both current members of the authority. Councilman Ronald Strothers abstained. The council voted April 6 to have the authority repay a $24,758 settlement against the city. Although he had voted for dissolution while a member of the council, Mayor Kenneth Coachman, now an authority member, said he opposed the council's action. Scott said other lawsuits are pending against the Civic Center.

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